Mosquitos and Coronavirus
Mosquitos and Coronavirus

Ahhh, who doesn’t love Maury Povich! While mosquitoes are known to father other bacteria and diseases, thankfully Covid-19 is not one of them. The Center for Disease Control has reported that it is not possible for Covid-19 to be spread through a mosquito bite, even if that mosquito feasts on a symptomatic, positive Covid case and then flies directly over to you and starts gnawing on your limbs.

Mosquitoes Do Not Carry Covid-19

Here’s how it works and why mosquitoes can’t transmit Covid (aka, The Vid or The Rona or The Big Fat Pain That Has Turned Our Lives Upside-Down). Whatever you choose to call it, it is a respiratory virus that is almost exclusively contained in the lungs and respiratory tract of people who are infected. It rarely gets into the blood. For the virus to pass to a person through a mosquito, or any other kind of insect bite for that matter, the virus needs to be picked up through the blood and must be able to replicate inside the mosquito, meaning the mosquito actually has to be infected by the virus. No coronavirus of any variety or number has been shown to do that.

Mosquitoes DO carry….

Viruses like the West Nile virus, dengue fever, and any other virus or disease that can be spread by mosquitoes, all circulate in the blood of infected people. If a mosquito bites a person infected with the West Nile virus, the mosquito will actually become infected with the virus. Once infected, the mosquito passes the virus through its gut where it will eventually infiltrate the salivary glands. What this means is that when this blood sucker bites, it is able to pass the virus from its salivary glands into the human body. In this case, sharing is not caring.

While there are a number of diseases you should keep in mind should you find yourself being the entré in a mosquito buffet, the research done by the World Health Organization, Kansas State University researchers, and a number of other super smart people clearly shows that Covid-19 isn’t one of them.

How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should chill when you are getting chomped. The Vid might be first and foremost on everyone’s mind right now, but the West Nile virus, dengue fever, chikungunya virus, Zika virus, and any other mosquito-carrying diseases are nothing to mess with. Mosquitoes might be off the hook and innocent against the spread of The Rona, but these suckers are guilty as sin when it comes to a number of other diseases that can cause serious health concerns. How do you get rid of mosquitos in your yard or home? offers a number of powerful mosquito killing products that will get you well on your way to being mosquito free!

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