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Say Goodbye to Common Spring Pests!

Common Spring Pests - Slugs

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, but it can also be a time of pest invasions. From small insects to larger wildlife, pests can quickly turn a pleasant spring day into a nightmare. If you want to keep your home and garden safe and pest-free, it’s important to properly identify and control the […]

Top 2 Pests Of 2023.

Here Comes The Bloodsuckers - Ticks and Mosquitoes -

Here Comes the Bloodsuckers! For most of us here on the west coast, 2023 has already been a memorable year! We are experiencing record amounts of snow and rain and our lakes and reservoirs are full! It has been several years since we started a year out with such abundance. While the west coast is […]

HTP’s Guide To Springtime Pests🌼

Springtime Pests

Being on the west coast, we don’t really have a clear division between Winter and Spring. We don’t get snow or even much frost for that matter, so my best indication for when it is Spring…when I can smell the orange blossoms and when the grass starts to grow a lot faster. 😍 To be […]

White Stripes. Asian Tiger Mosquito


What has stripes, has origins in Southern Asia, lives off blood, and can be a big fat biting pain in the butt year round and during all daylight hours? The super-popular carnivorous Asian zebra? The blood-sucking Japanese bumblebee? A rabid, blood-thirsty Eastern skunk? So close…yet so far away. It’s the Asian Tiger Mosquito, silly. Didn’t […]

Born In The USA…Mosquitoes

How to get rid of mosquitoes - mosquitos in the united states -

So, let’s set the scene… It’s late afternoon, the sun is moving toward the west, and the temperature is perfect. You head outside with the book you have been dying to read, and you stretch yourself out on the lounge chair on your deck. All seems perfect in your backyard world. You crack open that […]

Little Flies…Mosquitoes

How To Get RId of Mosquitoes - Blog

Some call them “little flies,” since this is the literal translation of their name, Bear Grylls calls them “mossies,” and I call them blood-sucking little turds that serve no purpose on this planet. Ok, I might have gotten a little carried away there. Whatever you call them, mosquitoes by any other name are still mosquitoes. […]

Spring Cleaning. Springtime Pests


Oh, that wonderful time of the year when the chill is no longer in the air and there is evidence of new life everywhere we look. Flowers are in bloom, grass is lush and green, trees are bursting with new leaves, and the springtime pests that you’ve missed so much over the cold winter months […]

Mosquitos…Covid 19, You Are NOT The Father!

Do Mosquitoes transmit Covid 19 Coronavirus -

Ahhh, who doesn’t love Maury Povich! While mosquitoes are known to father other bacteria and diseases, thankfully Covid-19 is not one of them. The Center for Disease Control has reported that it is not possible for Covid-19 to be spread through a mosquito bite, even if that mosquito feasts on a symptomatic, positive Covid case […]

Bugs and The BBQ! Summertime Pests.

What Pests To Watch For In the Summertime -

Bugs got you down when you’re trying to get your summertime grilling on?  I don’t know about you, but for me, summertime means firing up that grill and getting busy with some serious bar-b-que action. No matter what is on the menu, I don’t want it with a side of bugs. I’m usually cool with […]


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