White Stripes. Asian Tiger Mosquito


What has stripes, has origins in Southern Asia, lives off blood, and can be a big fat biting pain in the butt year round and during all daylight hours? The super-popular carnivorous Asian zebra? The blood-sucking Japanese bumblebee? A rabid, blood-thirsty Eastern skunk? So close…yet so far away. It’s the Asian Tiger Mosquito, silly. Didn’t […]

Hittin’ The Que. Summertime Pests

Bugs got you down when you’re trying to get your summertime grilling on?  I don’t know about you, but for me, summertime means firing up that grill and getting busy with some serious bbq action. No matter what is on the menu, I don’t want it with a side of bugs. I’m usually cool with […]

Born in the USA.. Mosquitos


So, let’s set the scene… It’s late afternoon, the sun is moving toward the west, and the temperature is perfect. You head outside with the book you have been dying to read, and you stretch yourself out on the lounge chair on your deck. All seems perfect in your backyard world. You crack open that […]