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Why Do I Have So Many Spiders?

Why Do I have So Many Spiders

It never fails, come June/July, the spider calls come rolling in like clockwork. So, if you are reading this and wondering “Ya, why do I have so many spiders in my home?” Well, is here to answer all your spider questions! WHEN DO SPIDERS HAVE BABIES? Because there are so many species of spiders, […]

HTP’s Guide To Springtime Pests🌼

Springtime Pests

Being on the west coast, we don’t really have a clear division between Winter and Spring. We don’t get snow or even much frost for that matter, so my best indication for when it is Spring…when I can smell the orange blossoms and when the grass starts to grow a lot faster. 😍 To be […]

Once Bitten, Twice Shy! Bug Bite Identification


If you are anything like me, at the first sign of a bug bite, I go in panic mode! Is it a mosquito bite? Is it a brown recluse spider bite? Is the venom going to start eating my flesh? Then, the next hour is spent on WebMD investigating spider bites and how long I […]

The Ant, The Roach and the Apartment

Pests in Apartments

Nowadays modern apartment living can mean evening socials, happy hours, book clubs and pool parties…who wouldn’t want that! We have a friend that sold her house and moved into an apartment that provided all those things and is loving life! But, because this is after all a pest control blog we do have to bring […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside…Winter Pests

Baby Its Cold Outside Winter Pests

Think you are safe from pests in the winter? Think again. Winter pests are far more common than you think. While there might not be mosquitos feeding on your limbs and ruining your backyard bar-b-cue, there are plenty of other pests that will need your attention during the winter months. Mice, cockroaches, spiders, and bed […]

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Spiders

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - Spider Blog

Have you ever had someone unexpectedly drop in at dinner time? As parents this was a frequent occurrence in our home. Sometimes it would be friends but sometimes it would be the dreaded boyfriend. This was a great time for us to do some serious grilling of that young gentleman. We would ask all the […]

Spiders: Just Like Us

Spiders: Just Like Us, Spiders in my home

What is the deal with all these darn spiders? It seems like they are showing up everywhere in my house. I’ve found them in corners, along door frames, getting comfy and cozy on my baseboards, living the high life in my window sills, in bathrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen, you name it. I’ve found them there. […]

Burning Down The House…Spiders

I saw a spider in my bathtub, so I grabbed a tissue and then very, very carefully burned the house down. Hold up. Wait a minute. No need to burn down your house. Yes, it is springtime and spiders seem to be showing up all over the place, but that is still no reason to […]

The Itsy, Bitsy Spider. Black Widow Vs. Brown Widow.

Brown Widow vs. Black Widow

Well, we know it went up the water spout, got washed out when the rain came, survived a watery death, and made its way back up the spout as soon as the sun came back out. This all seems innocent enough, unless, of course, the spider we are talking about is a Black Widow. Or […]

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