HTP’s Guide To Springtime Pests🌼

Springtime Pests

Being on the west coast, we don’t really have a clear division between Winter and Spring. We don’t get snow or even much frost for that matter, so my best indication for when it is Spring…when I can smell the orange blossoms and when the grass starts to grow a lot faster. 😍 To be […]

Termite Tornado. Termite Swarming Season.


‘Round here, every year around springtime is what we like to call termite tornado season, or for the “lay folk” termite swarming season! Termite swarming season is where the winged adult termites come out in swarms to mate and form new colonies. Bow chicka wow wow! Termite Swarmer FAQ’s: Q. What Is The Difference Between […]

Aardvarks Anyone? Termites

They say guilt will damage you the way termites eat away the wood, no damage is visible until it’s grave. Wow, that was deep. But the point of all that depth is oozing with truth. The damage done by termites can be pretty significant before you even know it. Even though they are less common […]

Got Termites?


If you think you’ve got termites, you probably do. So now what? Well, here’s everything you wanted to know about termites but were afraid to ask.While there are hundreds of termite species throughout the world, all species fall under one of three types of termites— Dampwood, Drywood, or Subterranean. Let’s break it down. Dampwood TermitesAs […]