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Ants and Roaches in Apartments

Nowadays modern apartment living can mean evening socials, happy hours, book clubs and pool parties…who wouldn’t want that! We have a friend that sold her house and moved into an apartment that provided all those things and is loving life! But, because this is after all a pest control blog we do have to bring it back to, dare I say, the unfortunate side of apartment life.

Because there are so many possible entry points for pests to get in, in an apartment building, it can be very difficult to get a pest infestation under control. Shared walls can make it easy for pests to travel from apartment to apartment. So, whether you are looking to be proactive in protecting your apartment or you are already starting to see some pests, is here to help you.

Step #1 – Inspect

Step #2 – Seal

Most of the time you can request the property management to complete any repairs that need to be made but if you would rather do it on your own you can purchase caulk or expanding foam at your local home store. This is such an important step in keeping pests out of your apartment.

Step #3 – Pest Control

Whether you are defending your apartment from ants, cockroaches, spider or rodents will determine your plan of action. Spraying a pesticide like Temprid Ready To Spray in cupboards, around the window seals and door jams can create a protective barrier around your apartment.

If you are already seeing ants, cockroaches or spiders you can apply your pesticide spray, be sure to let it dry then apply an insecticide bait like Advion Ant Gel Bait or Advion Cockroach Gel Bait. Baits are great because they are shared with the rest of the colony thus infecting the entire nest.

Step #4 – Proactive Measures

There are definitely some proactive measures that can be done to help keep you and your neighbors pest free:

Remember, you always want to contact your property manager to see if pest control is covered in your lease agreement.

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