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Here Comes the Bloodsuckers!

Here Comes The Bloodsuckers
Here Comes the Bloodsuckers

For most of us here on the west coast, 2023 has already been a memorable year! We are experiencing record amounts of snow and rain and our lakes and reservoirs are full! It has been several years since we started a year out with such abundance. While the west coast is seeing record rainfall totals, the east coast is experiencing record warm weather, so what does this mean for you? Here comes the bloodsuckers!

The moisture and heat are the perfect storm for the top 2 pests of 2023, Ticks and Mosquitoes.

#1 – Ticks

Ticks, are the first bloodsucker on our list. Why would record rainfall and heat be factors in making the tick be on our top pest list? Well, ticks love moist humid, grassy/wooded environments. The record rainfall that we have received will bring lush green vegetation and then when that heat hits, whoa nelly!


As you already know, ticks feed on the blood of mammals, they will typically climb to the tip of a grass blade or edge of a branch and wait for its next meal. Once you or your beloved pet walks by, they will use their hooked front legs to grab on and dig in! So how do you protect yourself and your pets from the bloodsucking ticks? Here are some tips:

Ticks are not limited to rural areas; they thrive equally in urban and suburban areas! So be vigilant! Treat for ticks early this 2023 because ticks are not just a pest, they can transmit Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and other diseases.

#2 – Mosquitoes

Do you remember the mosquito season last year in 2022? Well, we do! It was a nightmare! Every time we went on a walk, we got bit. Every time we opened the door, a mosquito snuck in, and it was all hands on deck to kill it, so we weren’t eaten alive when we went to bed. I seriously can’t imagine a worse mosquito


season than last year, but according to Professor Mike Raupp of The University of Maryland, it will be worse and longer! The warmer weather on the east coast is causing the mosquitoes to develop faster and we are already seeing the early signs of mosquitoes. The significant rainfall on the west coast is creating another perfect environment for the mosquitoes as well. Mosquitoes breed in standing water and this year there will be no shortage of water! So again, we at have compiled a short list of tips for you to get ahead of mosquito season:

Truly, the key to effective mosquito control is to treat early!! We can’t stress enough, treat your property early in this season! Mosquito eggs will begin hatching once the weather begins to be a consistent 50 degrees, so mosquito season will vary from region to region. Using a pesticide that contains an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) will give you highly effective control of mosquitoes which reduces the mosquito populations by preventing reproduction.

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