Valentine’s Day, Baby Season

Ahh parenthood, one could say there is no greater blessing. Fun fact, February 14th or Valentine’s Day is the 3rd most common day of conception. So, if you are born at the beginning of November, you are most likely a Valentine’s Day hook-up! Well, when it comes to raccoons, skunks and other urban wildlife, they are no different.

In the cold winter months these little guys are just looking for a warm place to “cuddle” and eventually give birth. Beyond the obvious of the damage they can cause to our properties, they can also spread disease (Lyme disease, Hanavirus, Rabies, etc.). So how do we keep them out? PREVENTION.

In terms of most any pest control/wildlife control, prevention is the best defense. Wildlife should never be enticed to come into our yards. Here are some tips to preventing wildlife from entering your property:

Seal all possible entry points

*Bird feeders are a huge attractant to rats and raccoons! Remove if possible.

Animal Damage and Safety

We could tell you story after story of the destruction that raccoons, rats and other animals have done to attics and crawlspaces. Destroyed ductwork, chewed wires, feces and urine contaminated insulation; all of which cost upwards of several thousand dollars to clean and repair. Once these animals find their way in and have babies, it is really difficult to remove them without professional help. You can cause harm to yourself and to the animals, so it is really in your best interest and the best interest of the animal to make sure they do not find a way in.

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