Airzonix Scented Rodent Monitors


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The Airzonix Rodent Monitors are the future of rodent trapping by featuring innovative, scent-driven technology that creates a concentrated zone of scent molecules that slowly diffuse outward to simplify rodent monitoring. Because it’s non-food based, Airzonix doesn’t mold or attract insects.  Airzonix are easy to use, simply place in your existing rat trap.  That it! No extra tools required.  No more messy lures or peanut butter!  The Airzonix scent will last up to 90 days.

Product Features:

  • Proprietary technology from the VM Innovation Lab
  • Non-food-based, allergen-free formulation for use in residential and commercial settings, including the food industry
  • Doesn’t mold
  • Proven scents include peanut butter with chocolate and chicken.
  • Highly targeted application for precise rodent monitoring
  • Universal cap design for use with most rat snap traps
  • Non-toxic to people and animals


  • Peanut Butter with Chocolate – 12 Caps
  • Chicken – 12 Caps


Product Alternatives: N/A
EPA Number: N/A
Product Use Description:

Airzonix Rodent Monitors are designed for use in most rodent snap traps.


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