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Barricor SP is a broad spectrum pesticide that you can have peace of mind with and that will also be a powerful weapon in your arsenal against ants, silverfish, crickets, cockroaches and many other pests.  Barricor SP is a pioneer in pesticides by not requiring Personal Protective Equipment or PPE! Check out our video on how to use Barricor SP under the above product image or on our Video Tutorials page

Product Features:

  • Broad-spectrum liquid concentrate – ideal for frequent maintenance applications
  • Solid particle (SP) formulation technology offers outstanding performance on complex surfaces
  • Similar cost per home to economy pyrethroids
  • No signal word and no PPE

*Always comply with state and company policy regarding PPE


  • 8 oz.


Product Alternatives: Suspend PolyzoneSuspend SC
EPA Registration No. – 432-1597
Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin – 2.45%
Barricor SP Is A Non-Repellant Insecticide
Mixing Instructions:
  1. Barricor SP is intended to be mixed with water and applied with hand pressurized or power operated sprayers.
  2. Fill tank halfway with water, add the appropriate amount of Barricor SP to the water. Continue adding the final amount of water. Replace the lid then thoroughly shake to properly mix the product.
  3. Perform a low-pressure application with a fan-type nozzle to uniformly apply spot treatments.
  4. Do not apply as a space spray.
  5. Treatments may be applied at 21-day intervals or less frequently as necessary. to maintain adequate control.
Dilution Rates:
Dilution Rates % of Deltamethrin     Fl oz /gallon of water Recommendation
0.002% 0.125 Low pest pressure, kills pests contacted by spray
0.005% 0.25 Maintenance treatments or pests*
0.015% 0.75 Initial clean out treatment or pests**
0.03% 1.5 Severe pest infestation or hard to kill pests ***
Application Rates:
  • 0.125% – 1.5 fluid ounces per gallon of water


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