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Got pests? Bifen XTS has got you covered! Bifen XTS is an oil based insecticide that contains 25.1% bifenthrin and provides water-resistant, long lasting residual control.  Bifen XTS is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high performance, cost effective Bifenthrin product for outdoor perimeter pest control, turf and ornamentals, or pre- and post-construction termite treatment.

Product Features:

  • Contains two pounds of Bifenthrin per gallon
  • Emulsifiable concentrate formulation mixes readily with water and is tank mix compatible with IGR’s such as Pivot, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and liquid fertilizers
  • A versatile synthetic Pyrethroid for residual control of over 50 insects including termites, ants and surface feeding insects


  • 32 oz.
  • 128 oz. (Gallon)
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Product Alternatives: Taurus SCTermidor SC
EPA Reg. No.: 53883-189
Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin – 25.1%
Mixing Instructions:

Mix the termiticide use dilution in the following manner: Fill tank ¼ to ⅓ full. Start pump to begin bypass agitation and place end of treating tool in tank to allow circulation through hose. Add appropriate amount of Bifen XTS. Add remaining amount of water. Let pump run and allow recirculation through the hose for 2 to 3 minutes.

Bifen XTS may also be combined into full tanks of water. If combined into full tanks of water, allow sufficient time for agitation and/or recirculation to ensure consistency of the dilution.
To prepare a 0.06% water dilution, ready to use, dilute 1 quart of Bifen XTS with 99.75 gallons of water.

Dilution Rate/Application Rate:
Amount of Bifen XTS

(Gallons except where noted)

Dilution Concentrate Amount of Bifen XTS Amount of Water Desired Gallons of Finished Dilution
0.06% 0.32 oz 127.68 oz. 1
1.6 oz. 4.99 5
3.2 oz. 9.975 10
8 oz. 24.94 25
0.5 qt. 49.875 50
0.75 qt. 74.8125 75
1 qt. 99.75 100
1.5 qt. 149.62 150
2 qt. 199.5 200
0.12% 0.64 oz. 127.36 oz. 1
3.2 oz. 4.975 5
6.4 oz. 9.95 10
0.5 qt. 24.875 25
1 qt. 49.75 50
1.5 qt. 74.625 75
2 qt. 99.5 100
3 qt. 149.25 150
1 199 200
Application Volume:

To provide maximum control and protection against termite infestation apply the specified volume of the finished water dilution and active ingredient as set forth in the directions for use section of this label. If soil will not accept the labeled application volume, the volume may be reduced provided there is a corresponding increase in concentration so that the amount of active ingredient applied to the soil remains the same.

Note: Large reductions of application volume reduce the ability to obtain a continuous barrier. Variance is allowed when volume and concentration are consistent with the label directed rates and a continuous barrier can still be achieved.

The volume of the 0.12% dilution may be reduced by ½ the labeled volume where desirable for pre- and post-construction applications. When the volume is reduced, the hole spacing for subslab injection and soil rodding may also need to be adjusted to account for lower volume dispersal of the termiticide in the soil. Consult the following Volume Adjustment Chart for details.

Rate (% dilution) 0.06% 0.12%
Volume allowed

·         Horizontal (gallons dilution/10 ft2)

·         Vertical (gallons dilution/10 linear ft.)



1.0 Gallons


4.0 gallons



0.5 gallons


2.0 gallons

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