Cy-Kick CS Insecticide


Cy-Kick CS Controlled Release Insecticide has 90 days of full force killing power! Cy-Kick CS is different from other insecticide because of it’s Smart Cap microencapsulation technology that protects the active ingredient cyfluthrin to create a long residual.  Cy-Kick CS has broad spectrum killing power, controlling insects inside and outside!

Product Features:

  • Adheres to leaves
  • Remains on porous surfaces
  • Rain fast
  • Limits skin irritation


  • 16 oz.
  • 120 oz.
This Product Is Not For Sale To: CT, NY


Product Alternatives: Tempo SC UltraTemprid FX
EPA Registration No. – 499-304
Active Ingredient: Cyfluthrin – 6.0%
Cy-Kick CS Is A Non-Repellant Insecticide
Product Information:

This product is a flowable microencapsulated concentrate containing 0.5 lb. of cyfluthrin per gallon.  It may be used on any surface which will not be damaged or stained by water.  Heavy applications may leave a visible deposit.  On some surfaces this deposit can be removed with a damp cloth or sponge.

Mixing Instructions:

Thoroughly clean spray equipment before using.  Shake concentrate well before using.  First add approximately 1/2 of the water to the spray tank and then add the proper amount of concentrate according to the chart below.  Add the rest of the water and shake well.  Shake occasionally during treatment to keep pesticide well mixed.

                                              Spray Concentration
Amount of Finished Spray     0.05% Spray     0.10% Spray
1 gallon 1.O fl.oz 2.O fl.oz.
3 gallons 3.O fl.oz 6.O fl.oz.
5 gallons 5.O fl.oz 10.O fl.oz.
10 gallons 10.O fl.oz 20.O fl.oz.
The higher rate should be used for clean-outs, for longer residuals, or high insect infestations



Cy-Kick CS Controlled Release Insecticide is the multi-use insecticide. It dishes out 90 days of full-throttle, broad-spectrum killing power, controlling insects inside and outside, on the toughest areas and surfaces. The difference is SmartCap microencapsulation technology that protects cyfluthrin to create a long residual and a mobile lethal dose of this broad-spectrum active ingredient that insects easily pick-up.

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