JT Eaton Insecticide Duster


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The JT Eaton Insecticide Duster is the perfect way to distribute your insecticide dusts!  Expertly manufactured, this duster will avoid leakage when used right-side up, upside down or sideways.

Product Features:

  • Holds 1.2 oz. of Diatomaceous Earth
  • Holds 5 oz. of Boric Acid
  • Includes Cleaning Pin
  • O’ Ring to Help Eliminate Leakage


  • Single Duster


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How To Use The JT Eaton Insecticide Duster:

Remove the rubber stopper cap.  For best results, fill duster with 1.2 oz. of diatomaceous earth powder or .5 oz. of boric acid powder.  Do not overfill.  Replace the rubber stopper cap.  Flip the JT Eaton Duster so that the rubber stopper cap is pointing down for low volume emission.  Hold the duster sideway for medium volume emission.  Hold the upright with the rubber cap up for high volume emission.  Remove the spout end cap.  You are now ready to use your duster.  Lightly squeeze the duster to emit the dust in light puffs.

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