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Got roaches? Not anymore! Advion Cockroach Bait Gel is all that is needed to get rid of any cockroach problem. The high-performing bait matrix of Advion Cockroach Bait Gel can overpower even the most gel-averse roaches. Affecting the nervous systems, cockroaches, including the German, American, Australian, Smokey-Brown, Brown, Asian, Oriental, and Brown-Banded, have met their match. Advion Cockroach Bait Gel can be used indoors and outdoors in commercial, residential and industrial sites as a crack and crevice treatment. Advion Roach Gel Bait is your one-stop DIY roach control product to get rid of even the toughest roach infestations.  Check out our video on how to get rid of roaches under the above product image or on our Video Tutorials page!  Shop all of our Cockroach Control products here!

Product Features:

  • Its highly attractive bait matrix is a palatable, non-repellent formulation with a potent active ingredient, which results in high bait consumption
  • The MetaActive effect helps provide targeted, thorough control of the most common cockroach species, including gel bait-averse cockroaches
  • Labeled for indoor and outdoor use in residential, commercial and industrial sites


  • (4) x 30 gram Tubes (with plunger and tip)
  • Case of 5 Packs – 2o Tubes Total


Product Alternatives: Maxforce Impact Roach Gel Bait, Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait Rotation 1 or 2
EPA Registration 100-1484
Active Ingredient: Indoxacarb 0.6%
Directions For Use:
  1.  Advion Cockroach Gel Bait can be used indoors or outdoors applied as a crack and crevice treatment within residential homes, industrial facilities, offices, warehouses, commercial kitchens, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hotels, buses, trains, aircraft, retail and commercial establishments, and other areas infested with cockroaches.
  2.  Apply Advion Cockroach Gel Bait to areas frequented by cockroaches such as between different elements of construction, between equipment and floors, openings leading into voids and hollow spaces in floors, walls, ceilings, equipment legs and bases, around plumbing pipes, doors and windows, and behind and under appliances, cabinets, sinks, closets, and any other equipment that cock- roaches are typically known to hide.
  3.  Do not apply Advion Cockroach Gel Bait to surfaces recently treated with residual sprays.
  4.  Do not apply residual sprays to surfaces treated with Advion Cockroach Gel Bait.
  5.  Inspect bait placements during follow-up inspections and apply fresh bait as needed.
  6.  Do not apply to surfaces that food contacts.
  7.  Do not allow open foods to contact gel material.
Application Rates:
  • For heavy infestations of cockroaches, apply 3 to 5 spots of Advion Cockroach Gel Bait per 10 linear feet.
  • For light to moderate infestations of cockroaches, apply 1-3 spots of Advion Cockroach Gel Bait per 10 linear feet.
  • Each spot of Advion cockroach gel bait must equal about 0.5 grams (approx. 1/4” diameter)
  • For all levels of cockroach infestations, when a bead of Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is used, apply a small thin bead that is less than 1/8” wide and approximately 2 inches long.

Replace cap after each use.  Store in a cool dry place that is inaccessible to children and animals.

Shelf Life:

The shelf life of any product is largely dependent upon storage conditions. Ideal storage conditions are indoors with minimal temperature and humidity fluctuations. In these conditions, Advion Cockroach gel bait can last up to five years.

Product Information: Get rid of roaches fast! Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is one of the best cockroach baits on the market to get rid of cockroaches.


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