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Bird-B-Gone’s Bird Spider 360 is a visual bird deterrent that is used to humanely scare away large birds by creating a visual distraction with its swaying, bouncing arms. The Bird Spider 360 comes pre-assembled and is easy to install! The patented design of the Bird Spider 360 allows the top to rotate in a 360-degree circle. The swiveling motion of the spider is an added affect to the original stationary design of the unit. The spider arms will continue to protect the area when wind is not present.

Product Features:

  • Stops pigeons, seagulls and similar sized birds
  • Protects light fixtures, AC equipment, boats, docks and more!
  • Durable weatherproof materials
  • Marine grade stainless steel
  • Virtually invisible and maintenance free


  • 2 ft.
  • 4 ft.
  • 6 ft.
  • 8 ft.
Note: When choosing a Bird Spider size consider protecting the entire surface of the problematic area to eliminate any potential perching zones. The 2-ft Spiders are perfect for areas where space is limiting such as light fixtures. The 4-ft and 6-ft Spiders units are the two most popular sizes, commonly used in residential and commercial applications and marine areas. The 8-ft Spider is the largest diameter available, popularized in the boating community.



316 marine grade stainless steel “arms” on a UV protected polycarbonate base.

Installation Instructions:

The Bird Spider 360° comes pre-assembled and is easy to install and remove. Each unit comes standard with a glue-on base that can be glued down permanently to flat surfaces. There are several optional bases to secure the Bird Spider 360° including railing mounts and a removable sand bag base (sold separately).

Gluing down base: Apply a construction grade adhesive to the underside of the base, and apply to affected area. YOU MUST ASSURE ALL HOLES ARE SEALED TO PREVENT MOISTURE / WATER FROM ENTERING!

Screwing down base: This should be done whenever possible, using self tapping screws. Make sure you do not damage equipment (lights, A/C units, rooftops, etc.) when drilling or screwing!

Make sure ends of rods extend beyond edge of area to be covered.

Bird Spider 360° arm “tips” should overhang mounting surface by at least 2”.

  1. Ensure mounting surface is clean of bird feces and debris before installing any bird deterrent, including the Bird Spider 360°. Use a 10% bleach or ammonia solution to disinfect the area.
  2. Select the appropriate Bird Spider 360° (2’, 4’, 6’ or 8’) depending on the surface of coverage. It is important that the “tips” of the arms extend several inches over the outside surface(s).
  3.  Stainless Steel arms must have room to spin and move with the air. Do not mount Bird Spider 360° in an area where the arms will be suppressed from movement or blocked by walls.
  4.  Bird Spider 360° arm tips should be no more than 2-3” above mounting surface.
  5.  If the Bird Spider 360° requires gluing for the installation, the PVC adapter must be used.
  6.  If installing more than one Bird Spider 360° in a row, be sure that they are installed 6-8” from arm tip-to-arm tip (not base-to-base).

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