Maxforce Granular Fly Spot Bait


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Looking for a way to get rid of pesky flies in under a minute? Maxforce Fly Spot Bait is all you will need to make your fly problems disappear! Using a specially formulated combination of attractants to lure them in, the active ingredients, Imidacloprid and Z-9-Tricosene, get to work quickly killing flies in 60 seconds or less. The product has been labeled for indoor and outdoor use for commercial establishments, and outdoor use for residential areas. When used indoors, this fly spot bait has up to a six-week residual to continue controlling ongoing fly problems. The outdoor residual is up to 30 days. Maxforce Fly Spot Bait is easy to use and effectively controls house flies and fruit flies.


  • 2 oz. Packet


Product Alternatives: PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait
Active Ingredient:  –Imidacloprid 10% , Tricosene 0.1%
Product Information:

Maxforce Granular Fly Spot Bait can be used as a spray for treatment of surfaces, such as stable walls or waste containers, or it can be used as a paint on application to walls and other surfaces such as pillars and compartment walls. There is no need to spray the complete surface because this bait will attract pests to the treated area.

Directions For Use:

For Spray Applications:

  • Add 16 ounces of Maxforce Granular Fly Spot Bait to 1 gallon of water and agitate until completely mixed.  One gallon of finished spray will treat 1,000 square feet of surfaces where flies may rest.
  • For best results, apply product on areas of 3-12 sq. ft. where listed flies tend to rest.  If treating areas 10 sq. ft. in size, you can apply up to 5o such bait areas in a building with 1,000 sq. ft. of floor space without exceeding the limit of 8 ounces of product for a building of this size.

For Paint-On Applications:

  • Add 8 ounces of Maxforce Granular Fly Spot Bait to 8 ounces of water (approx. 1 cup) and add mix to desired consistency for results.  Apply this mixture in narrow bands up to 6 inches wide on suitable surfaces where listed flies may rest.  Do not apply this product at a rate exceeding 8 ounces for every 1,000 sq. ft. of floor space.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 5 × 5 cm

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