Ovi-Planter Mosquito Trap


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The Ovi-Planter Mosquito Trap is a highly effective, highly attractive mosquito trap!  The Ovi-Planter Mosquito Trap targets female mosquitoes, using their breeding habits against them. Capturing just one female mosquito can eliminate up to 1,000 future mosquitoes.

Product Features:

  • Environmentally Safe/Contains No Pesticides
  • Discreet/Attractive Design
  • No Batteries or Electricity Required
  • Easy To Assemble, Service and Maintain


  • 1 Planter
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Product Alternatives: Ovi-Catch AGO Mosquito Trap
EPA Registration No.: N/A
Product Use Instructions:
  1. Place the screen disk in the bottom of the capture chamber.
  2. Peel protective white release paper from board to expose adhesive catch surface. Dispose of release paper in household Carefully form a cylinder with the black adhesive-coated board and slide it into the capture chamber with the adhesive side facing in. Install the capture chamber lid.
  3. Fill the planter with water 1-2 inches below the drain slots. Add a small handful of locally sourced organic material like leaves, grass, hay…. The decomposing organic material will aid mosquito attraction.
  4. Once the lower planter is filled to the proper level and the organic material is added install Ovi-Planter upper bowl on to the lower planter and place in desired location.
  • Place trap in places of the property in an area cool, shaded, moist, and out of the wind. Aim to place the black strap in a contrasting environment.
  • 2-4 Ovi-Planters traps should be placed on an average sized property.
  • If possible, prepare the mixture of water plus organic material a few days in advance.  This will allow the smell to build and be more effective when first placed.


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