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With all the power and efficacy of Termidor termiticide/insecticide, Termidor Foam works on the toughest pest problems. Ideal for treating both subterranean and drywood termites, it’s also highly effective on carpenter ants. The unique formulation offers better control and coverage with thicker, stronger cell walls that stay intact up to six times longer than other foam termiticides. And because the foam cells resist breaking, it’s less likely to run.

Product Features:

  • Versatile and effective: Controls subterranean and drywood termites, as well as carpenter ants
  • Flexible and convenient: Apply on or off-structure, interior or exterior
  • Formulated for efficiency: Creates strong, long-lasting cell walls that resist running


  • 20 oz. can


Product Alternatives: IStrike FoamPremise Foam
EPA Registration No. – 499-563
Active Ingredient: Fipronil .005%
Termidor FOAM Is A Non-Repellant Termiticide/Insecticide: Undetectable To Termites And Other Pests
Directions for use:  SHAKE WELL before use.

Remove the outer cap and snap the BASF approved actuator into place.  Remove the finger pad cover.  Use adequate foam to treat the known or suspected insect harborages.  After applying, hold the injector tip in place for approximately 8 seconds to allow the product within the injector tube to dispense into the treatment area.  Drilling holes may be required to gain access to the known or suspected harborage areas.  Fill the hole with appropriate putty or other suitable material.  Note: All holes must be plugged.   Always follow the label for complete instructions.

Application Rate:

Termidor Foam is a ready-to-use insecticide formulation.  When dispensed, the formulation rapidly expands generating a dry foam with an expansion ration of approximately 30:1, with 1 ounce (weight) of product being dispensed in approximately 5 seconds producing about 1 quart of foam.  Termidor Foam can be used to control insects where they are found or suspected; in nests, galleries, harborages, and voids.

Storage: Store unused product away from heat, open flame, children and animals.

Termidor FOAM Termiticide/Insecticide offers everything you already love about Termidor, in a convenient foam formulation.

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