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Tim-Bor Professional Insecticidal Dust is a water-soluble borate powder that acts as a wood preservative, fungicide and insecticide to control and prevent wood decay fungi, drywood termites, subterranean termites and carpenter ants. Tim-Bor Professional Insecticide can be dusted into drywood termite galleries to kill termites in as little as seven days!  Tim-Bor Professional’s active ingredient is Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate, a natural borate mineral salt and micronutrient. It is manufactured for use in the form of a water-soluble borate powder. Once it’s applied in a liquid form by foaming, misting or spraying onto wood or other cellulosic materials, the borate active ingredient creates a protective envelope and remains for years of protection. Often Tim-Bor Professional is dusted into places like wall voids where pests like to hide as an additional protection. When the dust gets on the insects, they clean themselves and consume the boron during the cleaning process.

Product Features:

  • Water-soluble borate powder that is applied as a dust, liquid or foam.
  • Prevents and controls drywood termites, wood decay fungi, carpenter ants, old house borers and powderpost beetles.
  • Won’t discolor or stain wood surfaces.
  • Won’t corrode screws, nails and other components used in construction.
  • Virtually odorless.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Manufactured with a concern for the environment.


  • 1.5 lb. Bag
  • Case of (8) 1.5 lb. Bags


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Product Alternatives: Bora-Care Termiticide
EPA Number: 64405-8
Active Ingredient: Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate – 98%
Product Information:

TIM-BOR Professional is a water soluble, inorganic borate salt with insecticidal and fungicidal properties effective against wood-destroying organisms including the target pests listed below. Apply TIM-BOR Professional as a liquid solution, powder or foam. TIM-BOR Professional is an effective treatment for wood (and wood-foam composite structural components) to kill and prevent infestations of decay fungi including white rot, brown rot (i.e., Poria) and wet rots. This product may be used for preventative treatment (before signs of infestation), for wood in existing structures and for remedial treatment of infested wood in existing structures. TIM-BOR Professional is also effective for the prevention and control of wood destroying insects such as, but not limited to, the following organisms: Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, Dampwood Termites, Powderpost Beetles, Deathwatch and Furniture Beetles, Old House Borers, Longhorned Beetles, Carpenter Ants, Bark and Timber Beetles. TIM-BOR Professional is recommended for wood and cellulose material in accordance with the specific treatment methods described herein. TIM-BOR Professional is effective for all interior and exterior wood (and wood-foam composite structural components) that will be protected from excessive rain and not in direct contact with the soil. Types of wood include, but are not limited to, all types of lumber, logs and plywood. This product kills wood-destroying organisms. Some etching of treated wood may occur from organisms before they die. Do not apply TIM-BOR Professional to wood or cellulose material that has been painted, varnished or sealed. For best results, apply TIM-BOR Professional to bare wood. Use soap and water to clean application equipment.

Note: Spraying water on some wood species can mobilize natural wood extractives, raise the grain and leave behind calcium or other deposits. Prior to treating large areas, treat a small area with TIM-BOR Professional solution to ensure that you are satisfied with the final aesthetics.

Preparation of Treatment Solutions:

10% TIM-BOR Professional Liquid Solution: To prepare solution, add approximately 80% of the required volume of water to the mixing vessel. While stirring, gradually add 1.0 pound of TIM-BOR Professional for each gallon of treating solution required. Add remaining water to the solution and stir until the entire product has dissolved.

15% TIM-BOR Professional Liquid Solution: Prepare solution as above, but gradually add 1.5 lbs of TIM-BOR Professional for each gallon of treatment solution needed. Use this solution as soon as possible and do not store for an extended length of time.

15% TIM-BOR Professional Foam: Prepare a 15% liquid solution as described above and also add a surfactant-foaming agent. Generally 1-2 ounces of a foaming agent, added to the 15% liquid solution, produces a dry foam with the desired expansion ratio of approximately 20 to 1 (20 gallons of foam per 1 gallon of liquid solution). The TIM-BOR Professional foam should be of a “dry” consistency that adheres to wood surfaces so that run-off is minimized. A “wet” foam may damage wallboard or other building components. Refer to the individual foam equipment manufacturer’s manual and the surfactant’s label for specific instructions.

Wash and rinse all equipment after each use.

Application Instructions

TIM-BOR Professional as a liquid solution: TIM-BOR Professional liquid applications may be made to wood structures including decks, fences, steps, sheds, barns and other outbuildings. Application may also be made by drilling and then injecting the solution under pressure into sound wood or into the insect galleries of infested wood. TIM-BOR Professional may be applied as a foam to wood surfaces or injected into wall voids or insect galleries.

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