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Syngenta continues its line of Advion products with this powerful, highly attractive dry flowable bait!  Advion MicroFlow Insect Bait controls ants, cockroaches, crickets and many other pests that hide in hard-to-reach voids, cracks and crevices.

Product Features:

  • Attractive bait matrix and flexible label offer outstanding control of ants, cockroaches, crickets, pantry pests and more in residential and commercial spaces, including sensitive food-handling establishments as directed by the label.
  • Features the same MetaActive™ effect in all Advion brand products, which activates indoxacarb once ingested by target pests, leaving non-target organisms largely unaffected.
  • Varying particle sizes easily adhere to pests’ exoskeletons and can be carried back to nests while foraging, resulting in an increased secondary transfer effect during grooming.
  • 8-oz. jar packaging, including measuring scoops, works with many application devices and allows for large-scale baiting.
  • Complements gel bait applications.


  • 8 oz. Jar with Scoop


Product Alternatives:  Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait
EPA Registration 100-1682
Active Ingredient: Indoxacarb 0.22%
Application Rates:

Apply Advion MicroFlow Insect Bait using a bulb applicator or other suitable equipment. Apply bait directly into cracks & crevices, voids or other areas of structures where listed crawling insect pests are likely to be found or where they may enter from outdoors. Focus treatments in cracks & crevices or voids associated with pest harborage areas or entry points such as utility service ducts, wall voids, under and behind appliances such as refrigerators or stoves, behind cabinets, sinks, around door and window frames, attics and crawl
spaces. Concentrate treatment at insect activity sites and make applications based on the severity of the pest infestation.

  •  For light pest infestations, use an application rate of 0.2-0.6 oz (6-17 grams) bait per 100 square feet.
  • For moderate to severe pest infestations, use an application rate of 0.6- 1.8 oz (17-52 grams) per 100 square feet, to gain control of the pest population.

Inspect bait application areas during follow-up visits and re-apply bait after 7 days as needed. In some situations, discreet placements (spot treatments) of bait of approximately 1-2 grams (0.04-0.07 oz) may be appropriate, for example, when only treating pest entry points.


Pests Controlled    Amount of Bait to Apply   Use Directions
Ants, (except red imported fire ants,
harvester ants, carpenter ants
and pharaoh ants)cockroaches, earwigs, field crickets, firebrats, house crickets, mole crickets, pillbugs, sowbugs

Pantry Pests (including flour beetles, granary weevils and drugstore beetles)

0.2 – 1.8 oz per 100 sq ft

(6-52 grams
per 100 sq ft)

Use lower label rates for maintenance
or low-level pest populations.
Use higher label rates for high-level pest populations.

Apply to areas where these pests crawl and hide, especially in cracks and crevices, wall voids, around electrical and telephone fittings, under and behind cabinets, refrigerators and sinks and
around windows and door frames. Concentrate treatment at insect activity sites.
During follow-up visits, inspect bait placements and reapply after 7 days, as necessary.
To control pantry pests: Remove all food and shelving liners before treatment.
Discard or destroy any infested foodstuffs.
Apply bait to cracks & crevices or voids in cabinets, pantries or other areas where pantry pests may be present.
Apply using a bulb applicator or other suitable equipment into cracks and crevices and voids around windows, doors, eaves, under siding or trim, utility service ducts or other entry points around structures, including attics, garages, patios, stairways and crawl spaces.
To treat non-structural areas, apply to crevices and voids in man-made landscape elements, such as fences, pavement crevices, planters, and natural elements such as tree holes. Spot treatments can be made around ant nesting sites and other areas conducive to crawling pests.
Specific Use Restrictions for Food- and Feed-Handling Establishments:
  • DO NOT apply to areas or surfaces where food/feed, food utensils or food processing surfaces may come into contact and become contaminated.
  • DO NOT apply to areas that are routinely washed, such tops of tables, food/feed preparation and prepared food-holding surfaces.
Pesticide Storage:

Keep this product in its tightly closed original container, when not in use. Store in a cool, dry (preferably locked) area that is inaccessible to children and animals and avoid excessive heat.

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