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The Bird-Out Aromatic Repellent is the latest product in Bird-B-Gone’s long line of quality bird control products.  The Bird-Out Aromatic Repellent system deters birds by emitting an aromatic grape scented repellent that drives bird’s crazy without effecting people or other animals. This makes Bird-Out the perfect bird control solution for areas such as decks, patios, garages, and other outdoor areas.  Simply mount the dispenser in a discreet location, insert a cartridge, replace the cover and walk away. Bird-Out does all the work! Note: For nesting birds or heavy bird infestations, additional bird deterrents may be needed.

Product Features:

  • Small, silent, and discreet
  • Grape scent that repels birds
  • Easy to install, effective for up to 60 days
  • Protects up to a 20’ x 20’ x 20’ area
  • No batteries required


  • Single Kit – Includes Bird-Out unit and 1 cartridge
  • Refill Cartridges – 2 pack
This Item Does Not Ship To: AK, HI, ME



EPA Registration No.:  88889-2-71050
Active Ingredient:  Methyl Anthranilate – 20%

Use this product to repel birds from small areas where birds roost such as balconies, decks, patios, garages, tool sheds, warehouses, barns, building ledges, outdoor dining, window
sills, backyards, and other outdoor areas. Only for use in Bird B Gone® Bird-Out™ dispensers. Only for outdoor use and in buildings with openings that permit bird access.

Use Instructions:  Do Not Install Bird-Out Horizontally.
  1. Clean & sanitize the infested areas.
  2. Select an area to mount the passive air dispenser. It should be in close proximity to the problematic area. Areas with active air flow work the best.
  3. Prep the surface area before installing the dispenser using an alcohol wipe.
  4. Remove the protective layer from the double-sided adhesive foam pad and stick the dispenser to the wall.
  5. Attach the dispenser to the wall using a screwdriver and screws to secure it. Drywall anchors are included and should be used when applicable.
  6. Press the button at the base of the dispenser and unlock the cover.
  7. Lift the cover of the dispenser so it snaps into place.
  8. Place the open cartridge on the base until it snaps and close the cover.
  9. Place dispensers no more than 20-ft apart (15-ft apart for best results & weather permitting)
  10. Replace cartridges every 60 days
Use Restrictions:
  • Use this product in areas to repel birds that congregate in large numbers, including these passerine birds: starlings, gulls, blackbirds including grackles, and rock dove and domestic pigeons, cliff swallow, house sparrow, house finch, American crow as well as these wild migratory waterfowl: geese, mute swan, and Coot. These listed birds are reservoirs or vectors for human disease-causing agents, bacterial, parasitic, fungal, and ectoparasitic pathogens that can be transmitted to humans and may present a health risk to humans and domestic poultry.
  • This product cannot be applied in areas when non-target birds (i.e., those birds not listed above) or Threatened or Endangered Birds may be present.
  • Do not apply directly to water, such as lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams and canals; however, overspray to water bodies can be expected with proper use of this product. Areas where the above types of wild birds or their drops and humans or domestic birds come in close contact pose a risk to human health and in these settings, birds are considered pests.

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