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Need to get rid of roaches fast? Talk about a triple threat! Shockwave 1 Flushing, Killing and Residual Aerosol is the only flushing aerosol with food-handling tolerance that flushes, leaves a residual adulticide and contains Nyguard IGR (insect growth regulator).  Cockroaches don’t stand a chance with Shockwave 1.

Product Features:

  • All-in-one product – combines killing agents pyrethrum and bifenthrin, synergists piperonyl butoxide (PBO) and MGK 264, with NyGuard IGR for maximum control of pests
  • NyGuard IGR effectively breaks the life cycle of labeled pests preventing future reproduction
  • Quick flush, quick kill and residual
  • Doesn’t drip or leak, even when sprayed upside down
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • For use in food and non-food areas
  • For use in food processing and food storage areas


  • 17 oz. Aerosol Can
  • Case of 12 (17 oz.) Aerosol Cans


Product Alternatives: PT 565 Plus XLOCB-80 Insecticide
EPA Registration No. – 1021-2084
Active Ingredient: Pyrethrins – .50%, Piperonyl Butoxide – 1%, Bifenthrin – .05%
Shockwave 1 is a Repellant Insecticide
Use Instructions:

Indoor Applications: This product can be used indoors as a spot, crack and crevice or space spray application.

Outdoor Applications: This product can only be used outdoors under eaves or as a spot treatment on the exterior of buildings.

Use in Cracks and Crevices: Use the convenient crack and crevice tool for applications.  Insert the tool into cracks and crevices, holes, small openings and apply at the rate of 1 second per 3 linear feet.  For wall void applications apply at the rate of 2 seconds per 1,000 cu. feet.  Apply the product in a manner that adequately treats the void space.

Use As A Space Spray: Treatments should be performed in a manner that provides adequate treatment of the space.  Calculate the cubic feet to be treated and use the rate of 2 to 5 seconds per 1,000 cubic feet.  Ventilate treated areas before reoccupying.

Need to get rid of roaches? Shockwave 1 Flushing, Killing & Residual Aerosol is the only flushing aerosol with food-handling tolerance that flushes, leaves an adulticide with residual control and contains NyGuard® IGR. This all-in-one product offers convenience and improved cockroach control performance, wherever you need it.

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