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Need to get rid of roaches? Advion Cockroach Bait Arena is a high-performing roach bait station that targets all prevailing pest species of cockroaches, including German (also bait-averse), American, Australian, Brown, Smoky Brown, Oriental, Brown-Banded and Asian cockroaches. It combines a highly attractive, proprietary formulation with a potent, non-repellent (roaches can’t detect it) active ingredient. Cockroaches cannot resist this superior combination, and even the toughest cockroach populations are quickly controlled. Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas should be placed in or near cockroach harborage areas, or in areas known to be frequented by cockroaches.  DIY cockroach control is so easy with Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas.

Product Features:

  • Its highly attractive bait matrix is a palatable, non-repellent formulation, which results in effective bait consumption among prevailing cockroach populations
  • The Meta Active effect helps provide targeted, thorough control
  • Targets all cockroach species such as German, American, Australian, Brown, Smokey brown, Oriental, Brown-Banded and Asian cockroaches
  • Bait arena packaging allows for easy placement indoors or outdoors where cockroaches are located


  • 12 Cockroach Bait Stations per Bag


Product Alternatives: Maxforce FC Roach Killer Bait Stations
Active Ingredient: Indoxacarb  – 0.5%
Directions For Use:  Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas are For Indoor and Outdoor Use.

Advion Cockroach Bait Arena can be used indoors to control cockroach populations. Arenas should be placed in/or near cockroach harborage areas or areas known to be frequented by cockroaches.
Outdoors, bait arenas should be placed adjacent to structures.

  1.  Thoroughly inspect infested area to determine proper Advion Cockroach Bait Arena placement and number of arenas necessary to treat the area.
  2.  Enough arenas must be used to provide adequate bait to control the cockroach populations present. Recommended placements: Place 3-10 bait arenas per 100 linear feet of horizontal surface primarily around wall perimeters and other areas away from walls such as but not limited to, around centrally located island sinks, cabinets, and appliances. Place maximum number of arenas with heavy cockroach infestations.
  3.  Place Advion Cockroach Bait Arena in areas where cockroaches frequent such as along walls or corners, under or near kitchen appliances and industrial equipment, under sinks, in cabinets, and utility areas.
  4.  Each Advion Cockroach Bait Arena may be placed on a vertical or horizontal surface using an adhesive.
  5. Inspect arenas periodically and replace depleted bait arenas as needed based on severity of the initial cockroach infestation and a continuing control program. For arenas placed outdoors, replace every 3 months, or sooner if arena becomes depleted of bait.
  6. Avoid direct contact of Advion Cockroach Bait Arena with broadcast, spot or crack and crevice directed pest control applications. Do not place bait arenas in locations recently treated with other pest control products as spray residues could render the bait less palatable to cockroaches and reduce effectiveness of the bait arenas.
Product Notes:

Space sprays or other residual materials should not be applied directly to or near the bait arenas. Application of these materials can cause ants to behave abnormally and therefore reduce the potential of feeding on the bait material inside the station.

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